D&W Industries

A scissor action tandem lower the frame for a 4 degree load angle.

The 5 bale capacity increases feeding time and less trips to the bale yard.

The dump fork provides positive bale loading every time.

Each D&W is equipped with a Haybuster processor.  These units are tested and proven.

The D&W Bale Feeder can easily be converted into a bale retriever.  This process is simply done by removing the processor and installing the D&W retrieving arm.  This allows the user to retrieve 6 bales.  Owning a D&W saves our customers from having to own two seperate machines!

Key Features of the D&W Bale Feeder

  • Direct Drive equal angle PTO lessens stress on the drive line.
  • Tested and proven Haybuster processor.
  • Retrieves  up to six standard size bales.
  • 11Lx15 10 Ply Ag tires rated at 25 mph with 8 bolt HD hubs.
  • Heavy C2062 roller chain with lugs, for positive bale movement.
  • Shreds bales fast and efficiently, allowing dust to blow clear of feed source.
  • Shredding bales makes rough hay more palatable and reduces wasted hay.
  • Heavy duty adjustable hitch.
  • Four degree load angle allows for excellent operator visibility for loading.
  • Easy access door to remove twine and net wrap.

All of these features save time, money, and labor.

Requirements for operation

  1. Two hydraulic remotes
  2. 80 Horsepower Tractor
  3. 1000 RPM PTO